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Samples of artwork that ARE NOT ready for laser engraving:


What are your requirements for sublimation (full color processing) of logos and artwork?

Files for sublimation need to be in a high resolution JPG or PNG file. The quality of the final

product depends upon the quality of artwork supplied to us! We can help with artwork that

needs editing. Give us a call to discuss the options that are available. (770-939-8146)

What should I include in the wording for my award?

Click this link for a plaque phrase guide. Feel free to take bits and pieces of several

setups to create your own message.

Frequently Asked Questions

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sublimation req

What are your hours and location?


We are open Monday-Friday from 9:30-5:30.

Our new address is:

4450 Hugh Howell Road, Suite 13

Tucker, Georgia 30084

We’re located in the Magnolia Room / Moe's shopping center in Tucker.

What is your normal production time?


Normal production time is 4 to 7 business days. Large orders may require more time, and rush

service is available.

What are your requirements for laser engraving artwork/logos?

Adding a logo or artwork to your design helps create a uniquely memorable award or gift. The

quality of the engraving depends upon the quality of the artwork supplied to us! Logos and

artwork used for laser engraving must be in an acceptable format to ensure quality results in the

laser engraved image. The process used for laser engraving is different than the process used

for printing on a printer. Even though an image looks good printed on paper, it may not engrave

well. Printers can handle grayscales in artwork which creates a smoothing effect in the printed

result. Laser engraving uses a burning technique to burn the image into the product. Each

pixel is burned into the product regardless of shade level found in grayscale images.

● ACCEPTABLE FILES: Vector artwork saved as EPS, CDR, and PDF with all text

converted to curves or outlines. The image should be all black and white without


● UNACCEPTABLE FILES: Artwork saved as a WORD document. Also JPG, PNG, or

GIF images or other low resolution images even if the resolution is changed to 300 DPI.

If the original image was less than 300 DPI, resaving a file as a new file type does not

increase the quality of the pixels in the artwork itself. Images from websites are typically

in 72 or 96 DPI and will not work for laser engraving.

● We can help with artwork that is not ready for the laser engraver. Give us a call to talk

about available options. (770-939-8146)

Samples of artwork that ARE laser ready:

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